a look back at 2010

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I’ve been spending my last few days quietly cleaning, purging and getting ready for the new year. I am excited and full of anticipation for all that may be in the new year.

I thought I’d post about the highlights of 2010, as a final closing for a new start.

* I was published in Country living Magazine for my paper bag journals.
* I took the Mondo Beyondo course, which was amazing!
* I wentent to Artfest in Port Townsend and had and amazing time.
* I met Misty Mawn, at Artfest and am now taking her new e-course.
* Leanred how to make jewelry out of precious metal clay and made a fun prayer flag with Karen Michel
* Finished our main bathroom.
*  We finished our kitchen too.
* I was published in Tea Towel Challenge, with my picnic tote.
* I took Kelly Rae’s ecourse and learned so, so much!
*  We went to Oregon to visit my sister.
* I prettied up my little Ladies Room.
* My baby started kindergarten.
* I was published in Green Craft Magazine and Somerset Home.
* I participated in Louise’s Color Chanlenge, where we played with yellow, raspberry red, turquoise, purple and sea green.
* I made a harvest basket for Rhythm of the Home.
* I celebrated my 5th blogiversary
* We went to San Antonio.
* I was able to experience the All Souls Procession.
* I was published in Family Fun Magazine, for my paper bag leaf project.

I’d have to say I had a full, busy and happy year.

Thank you for coming here to see what  I make and do. It means so much that you come here and share in my love of crafts, art and handmade. You keep me going. You keep me inspired.

Here’s to a magical, creative year full of amazing inspiration in 2011!!

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3 Responses to a look back at 2010

  1. Tammy McGee says:

    oh regina! I loved your “I come from poem”. Im so happy to have you in the class! MAN you were published a TONNE this year!!! How proud of yourself are you?? I love your blog. One of my goals this year is to blog way more than once a month..LOL! I just get too nervous and then delete the post. Oh brother…theres only 3 very kind loving souls reading it anyway..but there it is. sigh. :o) Hope you have a wonderful first week of the new year. :o) Tam

  2. That looks to me like an accomplished year. Well done! 🙂

  3. Rainy says:

    This is so inspiring! I love your mosaic of creative accomplishments. I am feeling fired up to go play in my studio, now.

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