happy heart day!

Print available in my shop.

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3 Responses to happy heart day!

  1. PixieDust says:

    (belated, ooops!) happy heart day to you…


  2. Tammy McGee says:

    :o) Happy heart day to you too! xoxoxo I’m so sad, when I was finishing up my brooches this weekend, I put resin on them as a finishing touch, but I missed sealing some of the paper, and it wrecked them….:o( So I won’t be able to send any now. Im so bummed, but I wanted to let you know, so you weren’t waiting for mine. Have you had much of a chance to do misty stuff?? I am hoping to get some more time next week. Hope you had a day filled with love (yesterday and today!) Tam

  3. erin leigh says:

    Love this Regina. really beautiful.

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