you have my heart

I wanted to share the Valentine that I made for my hubby. I make him one every year and he has kept them all.

I really love the look of hand-cut art pieces like this bike love, morning brew, and rain girl. All so beautifully cut by hand.

photo by flossy-p

I also just HAD to share my new pillowcase. I am so smitten by flossy-p’s work and just had to get this. I adore it and so do my boys.  As soon as I get a pillow form for this, it will sit lovingly on my bed.   Flossy-p’s shop is now closed temporarily because she just had a baby boy! Yay for the flossy family!

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3 Responses to you have my heart

  1. perches says:

    That’s a lovely card – nice work! And such a supercute pillowcase, too.

  2. Aunt Jenny says:

    I LOVE that pillowcase! So sweet! Your brooches are lovely – didn’t want to comment on that post and crash your giveaway! LOVE you sister!

  3. Michelle says:

    So so sweet! The Flossy-P illustration *and* your beautiful paper cut. Hope you guys had a great V day.

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