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I have a new banner up and these two images are snippets taken from it. I think I might use one to make into postcards to go out with my orders. Which one do you like best?

I’ll be announcing the winners of my brooch giveaway tomorrow & don’t forget to stop by (if you are in google reader, bloglines or whatever else) and check out my banner! 🙂

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18 Responses to creatively living::live creatively

  1. angela says:

    I love the new banner. As for choosing my favorite…I’ll go with the top one, Live Creatively…it’s got more pops of orange, my favorite color.

  2. Amanda Pedro says:

    I like the top one. it has a strong place for your eye to fall to. In the 2nd, your eye is drawn to the top or the bottom. Love the happy colours!

  3. kristie says:

    i pick the top one – it seems more colorful and the red on the paintbrush really draws the eye in (bonus that it’s surrounded by the circle of blue dots).

  4. sperlygirl says:

    super shots – love that first one!

  5. I heart the top one as well. The new banner looks great!

  6. Jeanie Joe says:

    So far it’s unanimous–I like the top one too.

  7. what a lovely banner…i’m for the top one too, though both are super, the top one is speaking to me…well done you!

  8. Tammy McGee says:

    oh I love them!! Top one does it for me :o) Hope you have a spiffy day!

  9. Lovely! I like the first image the best. x

  10. Linda says:

    Another vote for the first image. Love the new banner too.

  11. Caiti says:

    Love your new banner! It’s so happy and colorful! I agree with everyone else– the first one is my favorite. I think it’s more engaging to see the tip of the brush and I like your lettering on that one 🙂

  12. Dakota says:

    I like both, but I think the top image is more complete. In the second one, it’s a little ambiguous what the paintbrush handle is if you haven’t seen the first image. And the new banner is great!

  13. DeniseLynn says:

    Ooooo love these shots! I’d pick the top one as a fave but they are both lovely. Makes me want to run to my studio right now. Hmmmm … I think I will! thanks for the inspiration.

  14. kt says:

    I am voting for the top because I love seeing the whole paintbrush . Loving the color explosion

  15. Rainy says:

    I love the top one. The paintbrush makes it for me.

  16. Michelle says:

    I’m waaay behind on my blog reading (and life in general, it seems) but just wanted to chime in that I love the new blog banner, and like everyone else, I dig the paintbrush image, too!

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