happy magnets

I made these colorful and happy little magnets and thank you cards for all the participants in my brooch exchange. I was inspired by THESE awesome magnets and tried to copy without having to turn my sewing machine on. I had the link to the actual tutorial for them and now I can’t find it.  If you know it, please add it to the comments.

I did everything except the sewing part. I like to sew and I do love my sewing machine, but my sewing table is covered miles high in a mess, which means I would have had to clean it.  I would have never gotten the swap packages out had I done that!

So anyway, I had fun making them, and may make more for artfest trades.  Maybe not. I’m notorious for changing my mind a million times before actually deciding.

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8 Responses to happy magnets

  1. oh Regina these are absolutely the sweetest!! (now i really REALLY wish my brooches had made it)

  2. Mummycat says:

    So pretty. I look forward to joining in one of your future swaps. x

  3. CB says:

    and my goodness they were cute! thanks for a great swap!

  4. bonitarose says:

    Love these.. they are beautiful.. such treasures!

  5. elsa says:

    I forgot to tell you how much I love mine! It’s really lovely! thanks again for the wonderful brooch exchange!

  6. Tammy McGee says:

    oh man! im so bummed my resin didn’t work out…now I have to miss this too!! :o( Me sad! LOL!! Can’t wait to see you at artfest! are you in the dorms again?? which one?? we seem to have a standing order to keep getting the same spot!”:o) hope you are still on my florr! :o) LOVE the packages and treats by the way! I am working on my trades today. I have one with your name on it! xoxox Tam

  7. boo textiles says:

    Your brooches are really lovely xx

  8. Linda says:

    Thanks for the brooches, mine arrived safe and sound. What a fun exchange. I love the little magnet you sent along as a treat. Thank you

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