Artfest frenzy

It just so happens that if you are supper pressed for time, have the kids at school, and have the computer off, you can get quite a bit accomplished.  These all were done on Monday.  See, I probably could make loads of stuff for a craft fair.

more word magnets made with pretty papers and glass glaze

large flower word brooches

sparkly bottle cap brooches

smaller one word bottle cap brooches

Phew! With all my other word magnets, I made 120 trades!! I just got into production line mode and still made it to bed by 10! Now I have to organize all my supplies and pack my clothes. Ugh!

Before you go, check out my latest sponsor, Blarter. The idea is brilliant. It’s a uber cool place to barter craft supplies, fabric, yarn, craft books and other good craft supplies. Go take a look. There may be something you need.

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2 Responses to Artfest frenzy

  1. bonitarose says:

    Oh my.. love love love love.. these are beautiful! I love flowers.. aaaaah. xo

  2. EWian says:

    Looks like great trades.


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