a good home


Well, it’s not exactly from the very beginning.  My boys have been making Lego movies using Windows Movie Maker and I decided to give movie making a try. This idea, of course, came to me well after I got started. Then I kept forgetting to take pictures. Once I got going, I had a hard time remembering to stop every few minutes to grab my camera. Plus, in AZ the paint dries super fast, so I have to work quickly.

I painted on red rosin paper, which you get at Home Depot.  It’s used to protect floors during construction work indoors.  It’s what we used in Lynn Parrella’s class. It only costs $9-$12 for a huge roll (500sqft)!! So, since I have so much of the stuff, I use it to protect my table too. You gesso the front, allow it to dry, and then gesso the back too.  It makes a really nice material to work on. I have some blue tissue paper glued on with matte medium to give the paper more texture.

When I was done with the painting, I took it to my sewing machine and sewed around the house, window and flowers. It was really fun.  I held up the painting to the window so you could see the stitches and light shining through the little holes.

Maybe my next video will be of me painting. Maybe…


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11 Responses to a good home

  1. spindelmaker says:

    How great! You´re making movies! It´s so on my list of things I want to learn, but I just don´t seem to get around to sitting down and learning it.
    Very cute painting, love seeing the process with all the layering!

  2. April Cole says:

    My, oh my… super excited for you!
    What a sweet video, love it!!
    Keep them coming.
    Your artwork is fantastic. :]

  3. elsa says:

    Really enjoyed the process of your painting ~ it’s really lovely!

  4. K Hutchinson says:

    Oh my heavens this is awesome! Love the video! Your work is always so inspiring to me!

  5. Tammy McGee says:

    so cool Regina!! Definitly keep the videos coming :o) Blessings to you today sweet friend. We are driving 6 hours away today after school to take my little guy to the world water park for his birthday present! Will miss your posts this weekend! xoxxo Tam I will call you next week :o) Oh yeah, whats the time zone difference…that could be important! LOL!!!

  6. Andria says:

    What a sweet painting! Loved seeing the video of pics of you creating it (and I think that song is great!) Red rosin paper sounds interesting–not sure I’m ready to commit to 500 square feet though!!

  7. Mary says:

    Nice! I love seeing the painting build and thanks for the Home Depot paper tip!! I love your work!

  8. Aunt Jenny says:

    SO cool!

  9. oh, cool Regina. rosin paper… gotta try that. and the sewing… gives it such a nice touch. does the paper warp alot? it looks like it has great texture.

  10. Kate D says:

    oh super cool! I love the transformation – and the song choice!

  11. becky jaine says:

    hi regina, lovely lovely idea and thanks for tip on roisin paper. What size needle do you use in your sewing machine to get through the paper, paint and gesso? (I’m worried it would jam, and wondered your experience.) Also, do you put the tissue paper atop of the gesso? and then apply pain to tissue paper?
    Thanks for sharing your beauty and light with the world <3

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