link love and gratitude

I’m going to follow in Michelle Allen’s foot steps today and share links to some of my new friends that I met at Artfest.  I’ve shared some of them with you before, but they are all doing such awesome stuff, that I feel I need to share again!! And, I’m adding them to my side-bar for your future blog hopping pleasure.

Michelle Allen makes the most awesome art and art journals and she made these amazing bracelets too!! Aren’t they beautiful?!?  She made them for Craft Hope’s Project 12 who is partnering with orphan outreach to make bracelets for orphans in Russia. (Deadline is June 15th if you would like to participate)

Tammy McGee of The Gypsy Chronicles made the gorgeous paper clay dolls above and is giving away a sweet little owl if you give helpful criticism on her dolls.  Go help her out!

Tyler of Baby Lux, makes the sweetest appliqued onesies, and she also makes awesome recycled journals with these cool little tabs, that she shares how to make. I’ve been wanting to make some for my art journal.  She also recently made some nifty teacher appreciation gifts.

Shelly Massey is my Artfest mentor. She did the whole teaching-for-the-first-time application process last year and she has so kindly shared her experience with me, plus she wrote a post about what she learned. She is also getting a new art studio! So excited for her.

I met Sunny Carvalho last year, but got to see her again this year and got to grab some of her awesome stuff at the market. She makes hats, jewelry, journals, clay figurines, and she paints and sews too. She does a little bit of everything!

Janne Robberstad is the maker of so many beautiful things: art, journals, girlie bags, mixed media. She says that arting without chocolate is like swimming without water. Ha!  I love that and couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for letting me share other creative souls. And I want to thank all of you in my creative-online circle for being so supportive and coming here often to say hello and give support.  I appreciate all of you so much and thankful everyday to have you here with me!!

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  1. Tammy McGee says:

    Oh thank you thank you for putting me on again! {{BIG HUG}} I still don’t know how to link, or do all the other awesome stuff you do!! I would love to link to your blog if I knew how!! Oh my goodness, I was looking thru your projects and stuff you have for people and I am SOOO in love with the rainbow skirt!!eeee! we should each make on this year, and wear them to artfest! LOL! It was so awesome :o) Thank you for being so wonderful. Your blog is the first one I check when I hop online, and I miss you when you don’t have a chance to post :o) Thanks for everything! xoxo Tam

  2. April Cole says:

    Thank you for sharing the link love.
    Loads of inspiration on these sites.
    What fun! :]

  3. spindelmaker says:

    Thank you so much for both the wonderful presentation and linking me! I really appreciate it! Ha, ha, ha… you´re right, we´re a pretty crafty gang! 😀 I love following your creativeness (is that the right word?) on your blog. So many wonderful colors. And I do appreciate a fellow-chocolate+art-junkie! 🙂

  4. Awwww! Thanks for including me in your list! Really hope you’re doing well! Enjoying following your adventures on your blog… How is the proposal making going? Somehow I’m in the middle of making 6 workshops at once (for Artfest and Art Is…You). Feeling a little bit scatter-brained while trying to remember which supplies belong to which project! 🙂

  5. michelle says:

    you are so sweet! thanks Regina! LOVE all these artists you linked to 🙂 and of course, i LOVE YOUR blog too!!!

  6. Hey!! Thanks for putting me on the blog! I was surprised (and very happy!!) to see my little journals and the sweet words you wrote!! I am so very thankful for my Artfest friends, they are all the BEST!! Love to you, Regina!

  7. I heart Creative Kismet! thanks for sharing me/Baby Lux Design on your blog…you’re too sweet! Hope you’re having a creative week!

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