Paper clay & wax bowls

Oh how I love encaustic wax medium. It’s my new favorite medium. I want to cover everything in wax. Is that weird?  Yes, that would be weird,  I guess. So so fun though!

These are the little paper clay bowls that I made the other day. I did a teeny bit of paint and the covered the insides with wax medium. I did some carving, stamping and more paint.  The bottoms have layers of paper, paint and matte varnish.

These were heavily influenced by THIS BOOK, that I recently got in the mail.  It’s such a lovely book. I haven’t been able to find plaster gauze and I must get me some joint compound and other plaster goodies.

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9 Responses to Paper clay & wax bowls

  1. spindelmaker says:

    O, great colors! Especially he BE. love the wordplay!
    I was reading judy´s and Stephanie´s blogs as they were working on this book. and now it´s out. And you really recommend it? Maybe I´ll have to consider getting it.

  2. April Cole says:

    These are adorable.
    Thank you for sharing the book, will have to look into this :]

  3. kristin says:

    weird? maybe. cool, definately.

  4. sarah says:

    these are absolutely adorable. i am crushing on the be(e) one. very nice work!
    i took a plaster class with stephanie at art&soul last year – it was inspiring!

  5. Linda says:

    I think the plaster is what they make casts out of – it may be cheaper to find it that way? How did you make the paperclay bowls- and do you have to be careful about the wax if you use the bowl or is it for display?
    Your creativity is amazing! I’m also saving bottle caps for you!

  6. Andria says:

    Very interesting! I haven’t gotten into the “wax thing” yet, but you have done something very neat with it here!

  7. Kate D says:

    oohh…I love the bee! I took an encaustic class at Artfest and I’ve been dying to buy supplies ever since so that I can do it at home. This summer for sure!

  8. These are adorable and gets 100 pts on the handmade exceptional gift category!

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