painted canvas tote

I have been needing a big tote bag for work and decided that painted canvas would be fun. I made it big enough to carry my lunch, water bottle, calender book, tea wallet and other work day necessties.

My sewing machine doesn’t like to sew through two layers of painted canvas, even with a heavy duty needle, so I had to staple and duck tape it together, which so far, has worked out well.  I’ve been using it for work for about three weeks now and it has held up well.  I hope it stays strong or I might have to do some creative mending.

Have a lovely weekend!

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14 Responses to painted canvas tote

  1. Mummycat says:

    Oh now I love that! What a beautiful and original bag x

  2. spindelmaker says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Absolutely stunning with all those colors, and such a great idea!

  3. Tammy McGee says:

    seriously awesome tote!! I LOVE the colors!! (my faves!!) Im so bummed! Our postal workers went on strike last night, and I was excitedly waiting for my coolest print and mirror from your shop :o( Sigh…well I guess I will have even more excitement when they do finaly come!! yay! have a wonderful day dearest :o)

  4. April Cole says:

    What a lovely painted canvas tote bag, very creative!
    The colors & flowers are very “summery” :]
    Did you use acrylic paints on your canvas?

  5. OMG! This is so beautiful…I LOVE it! And, I just found you Tea Wallets….so cute!

  6. MelBee says:

    Oh what a lovely idea and such a beautiful design- so will it be fabric designer next R ?? :-))

  7. sperlygirl says:

    oh this is so fun! i do hope you plan to make some more tea wallets to put in your shop again – love those! xx s

  8. Kate D says:

    Awesome! Maybe you’ll be a surface pattern designer one day & then you won’t need to worry to about the needles not going through the canvas. I had to laugh at the duct tape – that stuff works for everything!

  9. elsa says:

    oh, it’s just beautiful! what lovely painting you do, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Andria says:

    Beautiful tote…I bet a lot of people admire it when they see you walking by!

  11. Great job Regina. It makes me happy to look at.

  12. PixieDust says:

    LOVE the tote! and Love how you are playing with beeswax. I have few art pieces that I cover in beeswax instead of varnish, so not true encaustic like you are doing, but it leaves everything so smooth and wonderful smelling, yes?

    As for your recent post… (((hugs)))
    you. are. an. amazing. artist… and an inspiration… 🙂

    Sending you beautiful, empowering thoughts, and a million more (((hugs))) to go with that first one.


  13. Sunny says:

    Regina, please email me directly (I don’t have your direct email address). xoxo

  14. Jeanie Joe says:

    Regina, try sewing the canvas before you paint. You may want to use a size 14 needle, and if you use size 16, you can use buttonhole twist or upholstery thread for strength. I sew cute little zippered canvas pouches for my friend who paints them after. They look even better because he can paint across the seams if he wants. I really REALLY think these bags would be a hit in your Etsy shop. Give it a try, and please contact me if you need any advice or help from a stitcher of 48 years. (P.S. my Etsy shop is if you want to look at a few things I make.

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