rain dance

Celebrating the 4th and the rain. A glorious downpour today. We soaked it all in. Thank you for sending lovely rain thoughts our way!

Happy 4th!!

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5 Responses to rain dance

  1. If only we could swop some sun for rain!! A bit of an unfair amount of torrential rain coming down here these days!!!

  2. elsa says:

    We are finally in summer here in Portland ~ while it’s nice to have some sun, I do miss the rain. Glad you got a bit of a reprieve from the hot air!
    lovely photos ~

  3. iHanna says:

    Lovely, and refreshing. Thanks.

  4. April Cole says:

    Looks refreshing! Lovely photos :]

  5. Andria says:

    A belated happy 4th to you…gorgeous photos!

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