Alabama stitch skirt

I’ve had the Alabama Stitch book for a long time and I finally cracked it open over the weekend to make this skirt. It’s such an awesome pattern. Super easy and a great fit too. Since I was running low on time, I sewed the skirt with my machine (the book recommends hand stitching, which I hope to do sometime) and I skipped the reverse applique and detail stitching.  I just used the stencils to add some fabric paint. I love how it turned out, bit still plan on making a fancy stitched up one sometime.  I’ll also be using the pattern again to make a skirt out of old printed tshirts.

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4 Responses to Alabama stitch skirt

  1. April Cole says:

    This skirt is fantastic!
    Love the color :]

  2. elsa says:

    I have that book and love all the designs. Lovely job on the screen printing!

  3. I love how it looks with the fabric painted stencils! Beautiful Regina!

  4. very, very cute…how did you do the waistline? zipper?

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