plaster works

I am finally getting around to sharing these little pieces (2.5 x 5 inches) I made a couple of weeks ago.

They are inspired by THIS book.

I made mine with water color paper, plaster gauze, spackling, washes of paint and covered them with encaustic medium.  Then I played with them some more. They were fun, messy and highly satisfying to make.

I put wax on both sides to make them thick, so they are quite sturdy.

Then I hung them with some oxidized wire in keeping with their rustic quality.

I hope to be playing more with plaster and wax. Fun, fun!

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6 Responses to plaster works

  1. LOVE them 😀 but I can’t get the link to work, it just tells me the page I’m looking for doesn’t exist.. 🙁

  2. hello , i find very pretty what u made, the link for this book is not working
    greetings from athens , greece

  3. oops! Sorry~ I fixed the link, but the book is called Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise

  4. Alexandra says:

    Oh Regina, these are SO lovely! I love this new medium and new style.

  5. Kate D says:

    oh wow – those are super cool! That’s one of the books on my wish list. 🙂

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