Art Unraveled

I went to Phoenix today for Art Unraveled. It rained part of the way and took me 2 1/2 hours to get there because of construction work, but it was totally okay because I had a bunch of great music and nobody in the car to hear me belt out some high notes.

Class was wonderfully calming and grounding for me.  Karen Michel is an amazing teacher. So kind, generous and zen -like.  You just leave her classes feeling so content.

We got to seriously distress some wood, which is also good therapy I must say.  We pounded, scraped, made holes, impressions and pounded some more. Her techniques for painting and distressing wood are so cool. I am looking forward to beating-up some more wood very soon.

I also got to hang with my friend Shelley.  She is so full of awesomeness. Fun to be around, easy to talk to, uber talented.  I’ll be seeing her again at Artfest next year. Yay!!

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7 Responses to Art Unraveled

  1. Donna says:

    Love your wood collage ! I had the pleasure of taking that class with Karen at Artfest this year (pictures on my blog) and it was my favorite class !! She is awesome and very inspiring . I’m sad that she won’t be at Artfest next year .

  2. Very cool creations! And that’s awesome you got to see Shelly again too! 🙂

  3. Andria says:

    Fantastic wood collage! I really love it…it’s so interesting and personal and lovely to look at.

  4. April Cole says:

    These are fantastic looking collages.
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time :]

  5. Your collages turned out SO AWESOME!!!! Seriously love them. Makes me wanna go distress some wood or something, but alas, I need to finish cleaning my bathroom (the horrible price I pay for doing art instead of cleaning for so long) and then get back to the “real” job. SO happy that I got to see you!!! P.S. I started peeking at the class site today… looks like so much fun! And I have a lot to catch up on!!! 🙂 HUGS! -Shelly

  6. spindelmaker says:

    Oh, what fun! Phoenix, Art Unraveled, Karen Michel and arting. I´m almost envious… Love your work. It shows you had a good time making it 🙂

  7. Kate D says:

    Awesome totem! that is one of the classes that I took at Artfest last year. And I’ve actually was doing totems with some friends just this afternoon! lucky you to be going to Artfest again this year!

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