what I’m lovin…

I’m trying to get back on track from a really busy week first week of August.  Dust is settling and we have been trying not to do very much this week, being that it is our last week of summer vacation.  So, I’ve been focusing on things I’m loving right now, waiting and ready to get back into the ebb and flow that is school time.

What I’m lovin’ right now:

* These two beautiful girls making art from my e-course and all of these wonderful journal pages.

* Ukulele music.  I have a small collection of songs over on 8 tracks, along with some gratitude songs for my e-course.

* Popcorn. I just can’t get enough of it right now!!

* bright colors, especially pink, turquoise and yellow together.

* dream catchers with hand painted paper feathers, nested bowls and these pillowcases.

* Dana’s Virtual Art show. Beautiful art and brilliant idea!

* cheap, fabulous and totally fun ring collections (I’ll be showing you mine tomorrow).

* Dried paint all over my craft table.

What are you loving today?

p.s. I’ve been checking out Google+. Let me know if you’d like an invite.

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3 Responses to what I’m lovin…

  1. sperlygirl says:

    great collection here, regina! i am so loving your e-course. it is just the boost of focus on ‘the important’ that i need in my world right now. you are wonderful!! sure wish our paths would have crossed when i was living in az. would love to hear your thoughts on google+

  2. Andria says:

    I’m glad your course is going well, Regina. I loved visiting that first link and seeing the little girls at work/play! I’ve never even HEARD of Google+!

  3. SimplyMe says:

    Beautifully inspiring picks.

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