I’ve been spending some time over the last few days doing a little carving. Mostly, I’ve been trying to make stamps to add texture and patterns to my art journals.

Since I haven’t carved or stamped in a while, my ink pads are a bit dry.   I may have to try acrylic paint instead. I don’t think I have ever used paint with my stamps before.

Here they all are, some new and some old.

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14 Responses to carving

  1. bonitarose says:

    Ohhhh I love these, you should make some to sell in your shop.. I would so buy some fr you! love them!

  2. Linda says:

    Wow, I love all your stamps, they are just great! I think I have stamp envy. I haven’t made any since Misty’s class at Artfest this past spring – but you have inspired me to pull out my stash and make some new ones more.

  3. Dania says:

    Love your stamps! What are they made from? Have been looking for stamp-materials in our artist’s shops (Austria) for a long time but have not found anything similar!
    Also like the colours you used!

  4. Well those are insanely adorable… maybe I’ll drag out all the lino I bought and finally make some stamps too!!! 🙂

  5. Heather S. says:

    I bet these would do really well in your shop! They are beautiful. And they look so powerful grouped together like that! =)

  6. Tammy McGee says:

    wow!! these are incredible regina! how on earth do you get so much done?? I am still trying to finish one thing from august! LOL!! Miss you! Did you get your package yet??squeee! Im so hoping you will like it xoxo

  7. Michelle Z. says:

    My favorite is the little house! I squealed!

    What material are they carved from?

  8. Alexandra says:

    What a delicious collection! I love them!

  9. April Cole says:

    Oh my… these are fantastic!
    Such wonderful craving.
    Have fun with them :]

  10. Andria says:

    These are amazing…really, really amazing! They look fantastic in themselves, and make such great impressions.

  11. Kate D says:

    oh these are awesome! I just love that they are all stamped different colors too!

  12. Sunny says:

    Those are fantastic! I carved stamps last week, too (but not nearly so many!). The hardest part for me is to decide what to carve. Yours are great and inspiring.

  13. Rainy says:

    These are fantastic! What do you use to carve them from? I’ve always wanted to try that…

  14. That is amazing! I would also like to know what you carve your stamps from… *thinks* doesn’t it need that rubbery texture to it? I remember using styrofoam when I was in school as the stamp… it does come out with really nice prints, but they break after my 10th print.x lol.x

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