in the mailbox

packet for Artfest 2012–Yay!

My classes are Resin Reliquaries with Cynthia Thorton, Hoop de Silkscreen with Michelle Allen and Extra Terrestrial Texture with Mary Beth Shaw.

A huge package from my friend Tammy.

I had so much fun going through it all. Lots of stuff for me to play with –papers. stamps, beads and recipe books! And she made that adorable little owl in the corner!  It’s so sweet, I just LOVE it!!

And then I received 2 postcards.  The heart drops from Kate, and the cupid from Glenda.   Such lovely gifts to get in the mail.  They really put a smile on my face.

Glenda, Tammy and Kate are all friends that I met at Artfest, so I’ll be seeing them again next year.  I can’t wait!

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  1. bonitarose says:

    good for you for being able to go…. we just don’t hv any trvl budget this year.. sadly.. I wish I could go to some of these art retreats myself.. maybe one day. Lucky you. xo

  2. Kate D says:

    oh I just got my artfest package in the mail last week! We’re in 2 classes together – Michelle’s & MB Shaw’s! So you’ll see lots of me whether you like it or not I guess. 🙂 I’m excited! And was excited to see my postcard on this post.

  3. spindelmaker says:

    Oh, you make my heart ache, I so want to go to Artfest with all you lovely people! I think I´ll need to skip this one year, and come back stronger next year though. Hope you have a lovely time. And all that lovely stuff in the mail! You can have a creative ol´ time from here to April with all that funky stuff! 🙂

  4. Tammy McGee says:

    :o) Good mail week! {{HUGS!!}}

  5. I got my artest package and I am so excited to know that I will see you there. I have continued working on the projects from class and have viewed the videos many times. I am still happy from the essence of the class.

    Take care and see you soon.

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