Sunday Goodness

I had a beautiful day.  Hubby is home, no work, feeling great and I went out this morning with a friend.


These first two pictures were taken at my kid’s school. They have a gorgeous campus with beautiful desert bushes and flowers every where.  They hasve a little chair sitting under a tree, such a nice place to sit and wait for the kids to get out of school.  Smells so good out there too.


Today, my friend and I went driving around to a few community gardens in town. After seeing all the beautiful garden beds filled with delicious greens, we were both very inspired to get busy and take advantage of our winter growing season.  I am hoping to get my hubby inspired so we can grow spinach, lettuce, kale, garlic, broccoli, beets and arugula.  For reals this time!! We were very much assured that it is not too late to get started. Plus, my new friend who is also my neighbor, will by my new garden buddy.  Together we are going to figure this gardening stuff once and for all and get growing!!!

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7 Responses to Sunday Goodness

  1. So glad you are feeling better and had a great day. We hit the bug these past several days as well — ugh! Love all your remedies – I have my faves and am always looking for great remedies. Have a great week!
    By the way, I click in from my list of bookmarked blogs, so I read you online. You are listed under “colorful” 😉

  2. Kate D says:

    oh gardens! I love gardening! Sadly, my gardening days are over now until the spring…snow is upon us. 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    Best wishes with your winter garden…

    Have a lovely Monday!

  4. April Cole says:

    Lovely photos!
    Planting, visiting gardens… are so peaceful and relaxing :]
    Having a garden buddy, how cool is that?! *hugs*

  5. michelle says:

    fun! i need a garden buddy! can’t wait to see your gardening journey here on your blog. maybe you’ll kick my booty in gear. gardening has been on my list for years. maybe this year. 🙂

  6. Raney says:

    What are the ones with the red veins running through them?

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