swap gifts from Tiffany

I signed up for a swap a while back, for Mousy Brown’s 2nd blogiversary.I received my beautiful package on Saturday, from Tiffany.

An adorable little mouse, a beautiful brooch and a gorgeous cowl, which I have been wearing all weekend.  It’s just happens to go will almost everything I wear. How perfect is that!!  It also just happens to be cool enough here to wear it–YAY! I will share what I made as soon as Tiffany receives it.  It’s late, of course(sorry!!!), but sent priority.  Should be there soon!!

I also wanted to show you my little vintage flower necklace and copper cuff bracelet.  I bought them at a yard sale while out on Sunday.  The woman I bought them from, told me that she bought the necklace in 1973!  They were a dollar each. The necklace is so dainty and sweet. I don’t know why I love it so much but I do.

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5 Responses to swap gifts from Tiffany

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    Great gifts! The cowl looks great on you…glad it got cold enough 😀 Thanks for taking part Regina and for being so patient while I sorted things out! xx

  2. Gwynnie says:

    Hi Regina~

    The necklace is adorably sweet so I see why you love it so! I remember liking anything by 1928 back in the day. lol!!!

    Thank you for the sweet birthday greetings =-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  3. tif says:

    so glad you like it! the color looks great with your skin and hair color! yeah!!!! You are most welcome!

  4. Lucy Chen says:

    Oh the necklace and bracelet are beautiful! The cowl, too of course. Is it handknit?

  5. tif says:

    Lucy- yes, I hand knit it….
    Regina- I blogged about your gift today…. my goodness! LOVE IT!!!! thankyou!!!

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