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I’ve scored some really great books, form the library and the book store. The cook books have been really helpful with planning my menu for tomorrow.

I had to buy Isa & Hope’s now Vegan Pie in the Sky book.  It’s beautiful and totally yummy.  Not for those allergic to nuts, though.  Nuts are used a lot for the creamier pies.  They all look delicious. First on the list is pumpkin, of course.

Then there is Nava Atlas’ Vegan Holiday Cooking.  Beautiful recipes divided into sections by holiday.  It’s really fabulous, the photos are delicious and recipes look really good.  I have picked a couple for tomorrow from it as well.

At the library I found, Clean Start  by Terry Walter, after reading about it here.   Another beautifully laid out book, divided into sections by season.  I am looking forward to diving into some of the recipes in here.

Uncertainty:Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, by Jonathon Fields is about taking that huge leap of faith to follow your dreams.  I haven’t read much yet, but it certainly is inspiring. If I could just tack on another 2 hours to my day, to just read, that would be really helpful!  There is a huge waiting list for this book at the library, so I have to read it before it is due, because I won’t be able to renew!

I have really been into whole, vegetarian foods lately, but occasionally I like to indulge in something like coffee with a good creamer.  Now, I have had only 4 or 5 cups of coffee in the last six weeks (which is really good for me), so when I have a cup, I like it to be creamy, sweet and delicious. Lucky for me, I received some Good Karma Creamers in the mail to sample.  Their website states the benefits to be: Organic, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Trans Fat Free, Vegan, Supports Green Farming. I am here to report that they deliver in creaminess, taste and I love that they support sustainable agriculture.   They probably don’t taste too much different than Silk brand, but they come in a larger size, and will be perfect for our non-vegan friends and family that are coming to visit for the holidays.  The hubby and I gave these a big thumbs up!


Lastly, I just had to share my beautiful bowl of pomegranate seeds and some of my new favorite food blogs. They are all so beautifully done. I love reading them and getting inspired to make delicious food. mmmmm……

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