it was good

Today was my second successful art and craft fair.

I have to admit that the day started out a bit funky.  I went to bed too late and got up early to run around the house with my head cut off (note to self, do not work the day before craft fair).  Once I got to the venue, I was a bit worried no one would come.  Then, my original set-up idea fell apart because the wind decided to pick up and start blowing everything over.  Urg!!!

I had wanted two poles on each side of me with a wire of my prints.  I also spray painted a huge clip board  with magnetic paint (that wasn’t very magnetic) to hang a few prints on as well. It all looked so nice set up in my back yard(should have taken a picture).  But that wind had other plans!!! I had to scrap the poles and the board.  Once I finally got everything STUCK in place with poster putty, I felt a little deflated.  AND I was worried that there wouldn’t be very many people making it to this small event.  Oh well, I thought.  This will be good experience.

Little did I know that my art would be so well received! I did what you guys told me.  I accepted credit cards (Square, I love you) and I did bundle pricing.  I also added cards with my art on them and they were a huge hit. My art prints were a huge hit too.  I think it really helped to see them framed.

More things to remember for next time….

* Get a bigger table. We almost did this the night before, but everything was too crazy and we didn’t have time.

* Take water and snacks!!! How could have I forgotten this!

*  Take newspaper and big bags.  I sold two large pieces and was not prepared for that!!

* Still need to work on a better set up.  I’ve been collecting ideas over on Pinterest.

What I loved….

* It is so fun to chat with people.

* Fun to meet other artsy/crafty vendors too!  Like Clare (we traded an art print for an awesome bracelet!!)

* That I am learning so much about all of this (and myself).

* I especially adored all the little girls coming over to my table to swoon over my necklaces and rings.  They made my day!

I will definitely be doing more art fairs.

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11 Responses to it was good

  1. April Cole says:

    Everything looks great!
    Selling art is a process, through practice and experience.
    In the end… you are getting out there, exposing your art, and sharing it with the world, HIGH-FIVE :]

  2. Deb says:

    I’m soooo happy for you that you had a great fair experience!!! It is so validating to get public feedback on your creativity. Want to hear about the credit card thing, sounds awesome!! I have a display idea to share.

  3. Janet says:

    That is a lovely looking display. I like that you varied the height of your products. I hate fairs where everything is lying down on tables, it gives me a crick in the neck! :-> I am hoping you will offer your art cards on etsy. Love, love, love your style.

  4. elsa says:

    Oh, so glad to hear that you had a good day! The display of your wares looks wonderful ~ wish I could have come.
    Are you going to be selling your little books in the etsy shop? I’d love to purchase one ~

  5. MelBee says:

    Well done you clever thing you! Your art looks fabulous and I am glad you enjoyed your dayxx The stand with your pictures on looks really effective-I just wish I could apparate to come shopping :-))

  6. Hi Regina,

    I love your artwork! Your craft show set up is so cute too. I did those shows for about 8 years before I went to selling in galleries. I have to share a good portion of the profits now, but it is a lot less work! I do miss getting to meet with customers and other crafters though.

    Back in the day, I got some great (free!) display items from grocery stores. The different product vendors change out their displays pretty often and they often will just dump their old display racks behind the store. I also used prefab fence portions to hang my artwork from. It gave a really nice homey feel to my booth. Also, pegboard (from hardware stores) can be painted really cute and it allows you to move stuff about easily and do shelves and such.

    Good luck with your shows! Your art is gorgeous!!

  7. Mousy Brown says:

    That all sounds so great – glad you had a fun and successful day! 😀

  8. Looks so awesome! We’d never even know that you had all those set up hitches. I’ve been thinking about taking another shot at a few local art fairs, so your lessons learned are super helpful! Glad it went well!! HUGS – Shelly

  9. Andria says:

    Yay for you! Your art looks great. It’s going to be a long time before I dare an outdoor venue because of that unpredictable wind. Looks like you really soldiered on and made a good situation out of it. Congratulations on spreading even more of your art into the world.

  10. kt says:

    Regina YAY for you! Your set-up was so sweet and inviting. I can see how people were crazy about your stuff I would be ahhing and ooooing over all your things too.

  11. Filomena says:

    Welcome to the craft fair world 🙂 You’re set up looks great! I use that same necklace spinny thing 🙂 I’m always trying to revamp my table(s) too.
    THanks for sharing!
    Pink Velvet Bird

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