special gifts

I won this beautiful original art and book from Dana at the beginning of the new year.  Talk about starting the year off on a lucky note!  I’m a huge fan of Dana’s art and I couldn’t be more happy to hang up one of her beautiful pieces in my home.  I’ll be out tomorrow looking for the perfect frame so I can hang it up nice and proper.

And check out these awesome socks that Michelle made for me.  She hand knitted them herself. Isn’t that amazing! I’ve never worn socks so beautiful in my life. I had to show them off so that she could see that they really do fit perfectly.

Thank you so much, Dana and Michelle. I really do love and cherish your friendship and kindness.

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2 Responses to special gifts

  1. Michelle says:

    Yay! You got them and they fit! So glad, they look good on you. Did I include the care instructions with them? You can machine wash in cold, and then just lay flat to dry. Your photos look *so* much better than mine. I should send you more things just so you can take better pictures of them for me. :0)

  2. And I cherish you too! Those socks are so beautiful! Wow!

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