be mindful

Be mindful
Love yourself unconditionally
let go of fear
be curious
be kind to yourself and others
take one thing at a time
slow down, it can wait
Sweep away your thoughts
give thanks every single day
let yourself go

I’m taking Misty Mawn’s  newest e-course, Open Studio. Yes, I think this will be my forth “class” with her: 2 classes at Artfest and 1 other e-course. I can’t help it.  She totally inspires me to stretch. I’m not in it for the drawing or painting (not that I don’t learn something new every time) but her words and her ideas really light a spark in me to keep going and keep painting. Her newest e-course explores writing poetry, taking photographs and creating sculptures with clay, as well, which I am really looking forward to diving into.

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3 Responses to be mindful

  1. Andria says:

    All of these on the list are fantastic reminders…thank you!

  2. That sounds like fun and I love this page, the colors and the sentiments.

  3. Jaime says:

    I love this, so inspiring! I hope you are going to do another ecourse this year : )

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