happy leap day

Well, the day is almost over, but happy leap day anyway.  Today, my grandparents celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary (really their 64th). While on the phone with my grandma today, she said that she had a pretty good feeling that my hubby and I would be together just as long.  I’m glad she thinks so.

So, because today is so special, my good friend told me I had to write down my wishes. Then, I was working on some stuff in Misty’s e-course and she had a great exercise for this called a landscape of yourself/dreams/thoughts.

On a piece of paper draw a horizontal line across the page creating a horizon.  Below the line, on the land, you write worries, concerns, things bothering you.  Above the line, in the sky, write all your hope, dreams, wishes and positive thoughts.

When you are done, paint over all of it and create something beautiful.

I really loved this process. The bottom part was hard,but like Misty says, “you kind of need to go through it in order to grow and bloom.”

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  1. elsa says:

    Love this Regina, it’s like doing a treasure map! You let go of the old and embrace the wonderfulness of who you really are!

  2. April Cole says:

    This is a very beautiful painting, well done <3
    Thank you for sharing your process too. :]
    It is always great to read the story behind the painting, it gives such meaning to your work!

  3. Michelle Z. says:

    Regina, I’ve been meaning to ask you something ever since I took your e-course last year.

    I’m painting more and more these days, and I’ve decided to invest in some nicer brushes. How do you take care of your brushes? Prior to this, I’ve just swished them around in a jar with some soapy water (dish soap) and then rinsed them really well. Then I turn them “up” in the jar and let them air dry (bristles in the air).

    Should I be doing something special to extend the life of my nicer brushes?

    (I’m only painting with watercolors and acrylics.)

  4. I love this exercise! And I love the photo of your grandparents. I can see your resemblance to them.

  5. Andria says:

    That’s a priceless photo of your grandparents…and what a gift to have your grandmother alive with you. My last living grandparent (my mom’s mom) died the day I brought my second daughter home from the hospital…it’s been on my mind a lot lately (because the 3rd anniversary just passed), so it is just really special to hear that you and your grandma still have time to share!

  6. Kate D says:

    oh awesome – it has such deep meaning…and yet you’ll be the only one that truly knows what it means. 🙂

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