paperclay pendants

My poor sister came down with the flu too and ended up at my Mom’s up north.  Poor girl.   I sure missed seeing her and my niece Ruby. It’s okay though. I’ll be visiting her in Oregon in May.

Instead, I’ve been frantically working on ARTFEST trades.  I actually had more stuff done than I realized.

I had made a ton of paperclay “coins” with pretty imprints from my store bought and hand carved stamps a while back. Pulled them out and slapped a bunch of pretty paint on them and added a little bead for added sparkle. I have cotton cording all ready to string them into necklaces.

I’ve made other trades too. Will share more later. Must get to bed…..


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5 Responses to paperclay pendants

  1. magsanna says:

    These pendants are so beatiful! I love all of the colors!

  2. patte in sc says:

    oh, your pendants look like iced, spring cookies! I’m hungry now. Thank you for sharing. Hmm, maybe along those lines you could affix labels or write in the clay: “cookies” and they could be put on a cord around a cookie jar. Hmmm, although it’s still early morning here, I’m going downstairs to raid the jar myself.

  3. elsa says:

    So pretty and vibrant! love the pendants Regina ~ don’t forget to let me know when you’re in Portland ~ I’d love to give you a hug!

  4. April Cole says:

    These clay pendants are very beautiful.
    So full of rich color and texture too… love it! :]

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