an inspiring day

Despite the rain, the day started with an early trip to a neighboring yard sale with my good friend, R. The pictures and descriptions online for the yard sale looked very promising, and they were! Lots of unused art supplies, paints and paper. I got a whole load of really good paint for a steal of a price.  Plus, the owners were totally delightful. We chatted with them for a really long time.

Later, when the sun came out, we both drove around Tucson Artists’ Open Studio Tour.  Many local artists around town open their homes & studios for people to come by and see their art and handmade goods.  It was so much fun meeting some really amazing artists. Not only were the art and studios really great, but the artists themselves were wonderful. I really enjoyed chatting with them. Many of them had great advice to share. I would love to spend more time with a few of them. My only regret is that I did not take my good camera with me.

1. Ceramic mugs by Elaine Dow.  They are small, but so beautiful. At $5 each, I just had to have them! The turquoise is much more pronounced than in the picture.

2. Paint brushes of Judith Mariner.  I really enjoyed this artist and felt I could relate to her art the most.  Her figurative paintings are breathtaking in person. She was incredibly kind and just beaming with creative wisdom.

3. Eric T. Galbreath.  Eric paints amazing abstracts in beautiful vibrant colors. His studio was splattered with paint–walls, floor and ceiling.  How freeing that must be to not worry about paint splatters.  A great space and vibe.

4.  The studio of Marianne Bernsen. Marianne makes vibrant floor cloths, wall hangings and jewelry. She was super fun and quirky, as vibrant as her paintings.  I loved to spend time with her as well.

5. The studio of Illene Hurley.  We spent a good deal of time with Illene talking about art, her beautiful yard and garden and sharing cat stories (laughing a lot!). Illene makes beautiful outdoor art on metal canvases and painted magnet boards.  We had a great time with her and might have to visit her again soon.

It is so much having a friend that will do these artsy things with me even though she claims not to be “artistic”, but I’ll get her there eventually. And meeting fellow local artists made my creative heart so happy.

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2 Responses to an inspiring day

  1. What a magical day Regina! I love that you found art supplies at a garage sale! An artist’s day with a friend sounds truly wonderful–inspiring indeed! I really need to find some artsy friends to go on adventures with 🙂

  2. Tammy McGee says:

    Yay for art days!! you got some seriously cool mugs there girl!! what an amazing way to spend your day. Plus love what you painted in your journal! Miss you friend! Have a super day!

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