plant markers

I had to share these gorgeous plant markers that I received in the mail today. Aren’t they beautiful?  I was truly speechless when I opened the package.

Here is the story: A few days ago I received an email from a blog reader, Alexsandra, asking me for my address. She wrote,

“You know when you are in the middle of creating, buried deeply inside your thoughts and you swell up with an emotional goodness – I had a moment like that a few weekends ago and thought of your effort and ambition and wanted to share a bit of my creative goodness with you, after enjoying so much about your blog, I would like to send a thank you”

I was so touched. She wrote more and I felt so thankful for her words, my blog and for all my readers.

All I have ever wanted through my entire journey of creative blogging, is to share a part of me that others can take and use to spark their own creative juices.  I have always, only wanted to inspire others and teach what I know. To share what I love doing most.  Thank you for being on the receiving end.

Please take time to check out Alexsandra’s beautiful shop.  She not only makes these beautiful plant markers, she makes buttons, focal pendants and beads too!

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3 Responses to plant markers

  1. What a beautiful thought and gift. You so deserve it.

  2. elsa says:

    So thoughtful of Alexandra.
    I feel much the same way. It’s not often that you find someone with so much creativity and joy in their work. I find that in you!

  3. Alexsandra says:

    Regina – I feel just like a fairy princess invited to the ball! Thank you so much for this stunning portrait. I am so happy the markers have found a blissful new home and I could not agree more – you do so deserve it. Wishing you many bountiful growing seasons with your sidekick gardeners! Thank you for your creative goodness. Cheers! Alexsandra

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