adopt a tortoise

desert tortoiseI recently read this article about the abundance of tortoises that are taken from homes in the dessert and then returned to Game & Fish because they are no longer wanted. Sadly, they cannot be returned to the desert and they now are in need of homes. If you live in Southern AZ (or know someone who does) let them know about the Tortoise adoption program.

a little painting on paper, inspired by Rocky

Our tortoise, Rocky, likes to come up to our back door for food when he is hungry.  He looks through the window waiting and it is too cute! He also follows us around the yard when we are out. We truly are lucky to be his guardians.

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5 Responses to adopt a tortoise

  1. elsa says:

    Oh, that’s sad to hear about the turtles. I’ve always really liked them and what they represent. Your painting is lovely ~ so soothing.

  2. That is sad that that happens… Rocky is also lucky to have such wonderful guardians!

  3. kt says:

    regina, i love this painting it is so sweet! rocky is too cute.
    Hey, I am so looking forward to your e-course!!!

  4. Amy O'H. says:

    How fun for your children to have such a unique pet! It’s sad that people feel any pet is disposable- what are they teaching their children?!

    I love your painting, so many ways to interpret it. We have gopher tortoises near our house and they will follow our dog (which freaks him out a bit).

  5. christy says:

    i am so glad rocky found you (and vice versa!)
    i loooove this painting
    i so need to slow down to this pace
    and smell the flowers!

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