three girls

Sparkle, Bright & Luminous

I started these over a month ago and finally finished painting them today. I need to put some kind of protective finish on them, but not sure what yet.

They are 2″ x 7″. I think they would make nice little wall hangings/ornaments. I’ll be adding some wire, maybe some beads and hopefully have then up in my shop soon.

Which one is your favorite? I like Bright best.

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16 Responses to three girls

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    I shall make some little projects like this, too. They’re cute and I’d get something beautiful done in no time.

  2. spindelmaker says:

    They all have something about them, it´s difficult to choose a favorite. 🙂 Hope you´re having a wonderful summer!

  3. doro K. says:

    pretty. does the girl in the middle is the same as that one from your late night scribble (a few days ago)?

    ? doro

  4. Libellune says:

    Magnifique ! Beautiful colors, full of serenity 😉

  5. I love these! I think my favorite is Sparkle 🙂

  6. Isabel says:

    Love them all!!!!!:O) Beautiful:O)

  7. Melissa says:

    I am loving Luminous!! She feels like a little Fairy, to me… They are all beautiful! 8*)

  8. Corinne says:

    Love them all! But if I had to pick, Bright would be my favorite too! xo

  9. Regina says:

    I love all three – I’ve looked back at them a couple times, and each time a different one stands out for a different reason. The eyes are all beautiful -and all so different!

  10. Dana says:

    All 3 of them are beautiful; I think I like that one in the middle, she seems to dream about something she doesn’t feel like sharing with us, and I like there is a blue bird, a little house and some clouds hanging in the sky.

  11. Melbee says:

    Love all three too! But if pushed I would choose Luminous as she seems more fragile, and I love her frock! Xx

  12. Although I love all three, the angel calls to me. I love the wings halo and patchwork of colors. Hope all is going well with you my friend.

  13. Katie says:

    They’re lovely! Something about Bright speaks to me, though.

  14. Andria says:

    Lovely! I think I like Bright best, as well…though I can pick out something special in all three.

  15. Pat Howard says:

    Love these little paintings — “Luminous” is my fave.

    For a protective finish, you could spray with “SpectraFix Degas Pastel Fixative” — all natural, odor free. (for all media except oil). Then, finish with a layer of “Matvar 53 Varnish” — a non-yellowing, transparent varnish. Just an idea — I’ve used these with success, when finishing watercolors/liquid acrylic paintings on Aquabord.

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