gifts from nature

I will be a doing an arts & craft fair in Phoenix this December for the Arizona Audubon Society called, “Gifts from Nature“.  I am super excited to be doing this show because I will be able to paint some of my most favorite subjects: birds, butterflies and flowers.

I will be selling prints and lots of small original art, including these little flower vases.  I hope to make a whole series of these. I already have a little pile of salvaged wood to paint on, so you  will be seeing more of these in the future.

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4 Responses to gifts from nature

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    There small paintings are really really love, Regina!

  2. Beautiful! I’m sure they’ll sell like hotcakes!!

  3. Carol Gilman says:

    These are so lively and colorful. I really enjoy work that draws inspiration from nature.

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