Day of the Dead Halloween Wreath

I finally got some Halloween crafting done.  I usually do a lot more, but I’ve made so much already that my Halloween box is very full. So, this year, the focus was on the front door. It seriously needed some snazzing up.

Of course I had to make a Day of the Dead/Halloween wreath.  Everything was bought on clearance and the sugar skull was made from cardboard. I decoupaged the skull head shape with bits of newspaper, panted it with acrylic paint and then added a layer of Dorland’s wax medium for protection.

From the inside of the house, the way it is hanging, it looks like someone is standing at my door. I’ve startled myself twice! Good grief, so spooky.

Now, I need to focus on Halloween costumes!!

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3 Responses to Day of the Dead Halloween Wreath

  1. Dayna says:

    I love the wreath!!! Beautiful!

  2. Angella says:

    wow- the colours are AMAZING. Love your painting too!

  3. MelBee says:

    Great wreath Regina! ; but I had to giggle at you scaring yourself….as i confess last year I made a a ghost to hang up in the house and kept doing the same 😀

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