Art fair re-cap

Wow, what a week! I don’t usually go this long without a post, but I was swamped with prepping for this fair and was pretty sick for part of that.

Surprisingly, I was able to get most of what I wanted done, but that first day was really rough. With only 4 hours of sleep (because of coughing fit after coughing fit), a very scratchy voice and it being unseasonably warm, I didn’t think I’d made it to Sunday. I felt really awful when I got home.  That night I gave into some heavy-duty cough meds (I usually only stick with the natural stuff) to help me get some sleep.

 It worked like magic. Amazing what a little sleep will get you! I was able to get 7 and a half hours of straight sleep and felt like a new women.  Traffic was better the second day too and I had a much more successful day.

My most popular items were my art prints. I sold a few light switch plates, a few small originals, several tree ornaments and one big original (the sun) which made me so happy!

Most importantly, I got to connect with with many locals who loved my art. That made it totally worth it, even though I’m not too sure it was the right venue for me. Still, I got out there and I’m really starting to feel like a real artist.  Really own it and say it proudly when people ask.

I love how my tent set up turned out. I was originally going to have only one side open, but with the weird layout they had we decided to open two sides and it ended up working out great.

I got to use a lot of my thrifted finds and DIY projects like my tomato cage ornament tree (as seen on pinterest) and my screen door.  Plus Betty below for my jewelry. I think these things helped draw people in.

I have one more show this weekend in Phoenix at the Audubon Center. After that, I plan on updating my shop on Monday, December 3rd with anything left over, but if you see something you like, shoot me an email (reginaATcreativekismetDOTcom).

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10 Responses to Art fair re-cap

  1. sorry you were sick. 🙁
    but your booth looks awesome!!!
    your art is fabulous!

  2. kt says:

    regina! wow your booth looked so artistic and showed off your talents YES! so happy you were able to get through it all. i want a booth like yours, you are inspiring me to get it into gear for next spring when our market opens up here. I am so happy that the locals were all into it how could they not be your work is BEAUTIFUL! I think that is the key, show them that you are their local artist and they will support YOU!
    xo katy

  3. I hope you are feeling much better now. The booth looks awesome. So glad it went well. Congrats on all of the sales! xo

  4. Regina, your booth looks amazing! I am so glad you are on the mend. Good luck this weekend; I hope everything is easy and awesome! 🙂

  5. MelBee says:

    I think you booth looked brilliant- loved the Betty, turquoise door and tomato frame …so clever and so you! Glad that you are feeling better and hope your next fair is even better.xx

  6. Yanik says:

    Congratulations! Your booth is bright, happy and inviting! Bravo!

  7. I’m so glad you had a good show, Regina! Love how light and bright your booth looks with all your beautiful items! And congrats on making it through even when you were sick – what a trooper!

  8. What a beautiful booth! Love how you put it together!

  9. Dayna says:

    I Love Your Booth!! I hope your day was profitable!!

  10. Koliti says:

    Hi Regina!
    I’m the LUCKY person who now has your “let the sunshine in” sun in her house!!!
    (and remember I told you that if they were giving out awards at the craft fair – you would win “Happiest Booth”!) I am loving your happy art! And the love continues because I was smart enough to sign up on your email list 🙂 Now I’ve discovered your HAPPY & BEAUTIFUL blog and I will be checking out your Etsy store. Do you or will you have “live” art workshops or classes?

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