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We have been busy, busy, busy getting our home ready for an Open Studio Sale that I’m having for friends this weekend.  It’s a practice run for a real studio tour I want to do in the spring.  Plus, some of my old work buddies will be stopping by, so it will be really fun to see them.

There is nothing better than company to light a fire under the ol’ derriere and get some stuff done!!

We painted our very sad and old door. It just needed a little facelift to make it beautiful again.

The paint we used is called Apple-a-Day Red, which poured out very pink, but after 4 coats, it is a beautiful red with pinkish undertones.

I also painted our garage door. It was originally painted off white and I hated it. So, inspired my the rusted metal garage doors, that are out of our price range, I did a faux finish.  I’m not sure if it looks like rusted copper metal, but I love how it turned out.

Then, I painted the metal screen/security door, which was probably black originally, then painted white and it looked pretty sad and stood out like a sore thumb. So I painted it to match the garage door and it all looks much better now.

Almost ready for my guests to come!

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2 Responses to home work

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    These are very cool, Regina! Makes me want to paint doors, too.

  2. angella says:

    Hi Regina
    I absolutely love your garage door – it looks so expensive and “regal”.
    I am crazy about the red door – my front door need a make-over but I dont think I have the “guts” to do something so awesomely original!! I wish I had some of your energy- hee hee .

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