so many birds

I’ve made so many bird ornaments over the last 2 months. It’s one of my most favorite things to do.

These were made out of wood slices from the Christmas tree lot.  I was digging through a bin looking for good ones and the guy working there pulled over a huge trash can for me to dig through.  It was so great.  I left with a big bag, but have only painted these six.

The prep for them is a big pain, but the painting part is oh, so much fun! I coated them with encaustic wax and added some rustic wire.

I gave them as gifts to friends and teachers.  The owl one we kept, of course.

I also made 10 little owl ornaments and 6 new birds, but I forgot to take pictures. These three were all I have had left. I sold most of them and gave a few away.

I hope to make more.

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2 Responses to so many birds

  1. angella says:

    What a great idea! wish I could find some wood slices. Nobody uses real trees for Xmas trees in SA unfortunately.

  2. i love your bird ornaments – they are all gorgeous!

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