morning walks wk1

morning walk instagram pics

I’ve been trying to figure out my business goals and what to do next, feeling a lot of (self-induced) pressure, the usual self doubt that likes to creep in, and just feeling stuck.

I love being home and I feel more inspired than ever–I just need to work on channeling that in an effective and positive way that will help propel me forward and hopefully help me become a successful artist.

Mati Rose Creative Mentoring

I’ve been getting helpĀ for that (creative mentoring) from a very special person, Mati Rose. She has been helping me to move, let go of the daily mind crap and keep me accountable for all I want to do.

It has been magical, and inspiring, and I can’t wait for our next hangout (via google+).

My morning walks have been helping too. To clear my mind and get me ready for the day. I look for color, beauty, stillness, breathe in the fresh cool air and become inspired, hopeful, excited.

It’s been really good. I totally recommend it!

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4 Responses to morning walks wk1

  1. Paru Mahtani says:

    Hi Regina..Have been following your blog for a while…your work is stunning!! I can’t believe you have self doubt!
    Having said that, I am pretty much in the same place as you…where figuring out what to do next is concerned.
    I have just taken part in a nine day craft fair where I sold close to 2000 cards and 300 of my photographs…I have been working on this project for so long that I don’t know what to do next!
    Just thought, it might help to know that others feel the same as you…
    I draw my inspiration from your illustrations and the products that you make.
    In my eyes you ARE a successful artist whom I would like to emulate!
    So, Good luck in all your adventures and God Bless!

  2. sperlygirl says:

    keep it up regina, the world needs your goodness!!! oh and that mati – what a find, what a treasure. i am sure she is a wonderful influence. she is as sweet as sunshine, that one.

  3. Kate D says:

    Wishing you much strength, determination and ease(!) as you figure out your next moves. I totally get that stuck feeling…but it will come together. I didn’t realize Mati was offering that service – seems neat!

  4. beautiful pics of your walk!!!
    and so cool that you’re being mentored by Mati! i just had the pleasure of spending a few days with her on the Oregon coast. so glad you’re pushing forward with your art Regina. you are beyond talented and your passion will take you to where you want to go. xoxo-m

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