morning walks wk2

morning walks wk2

I’ve been finding some lovely art on my walks.  It’s sometimes a surprise when I’m least expecting it. I hope I keep finding more.

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4 Responses to morning walks wk2

  1. Jaime Barks says:

    I want to come walk in your neighborhood too! So pretty!

  2. elsa says:

    Lovely photos ~ what a nice neighborhood you live in!
    It’s usually dark still when I take my walk in the morning ~ but soon it won’t be and we’ll have the longest days with lots of light! I’ll have to start taking my camera because I know there’s lots of pretty things out there waiting to be photographed!

  3. Your morning walk photos are so inspiring… once my current walking goal of training my unruly golden to be sane on a leash is accomplished, I’ll have to start bringing my camera along and join you!

  4. Tracy Stokes says:

    What a wonderful idea this is, a good way to encourage myself to walk more in my neighbourhood. I love the art you snapped, so uplifting.

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