flying bird art journal page by Regina Lord

I made this bird last night, because I was trying to use up some leftover paint on my palette from the girl painting I had just done.  At first I was just smearing the extra paint all over the page, then this little bird appeared and I had to just go with it. I love when that happens and I love this little bird. I’m thinking it may have to become a real painting on canvas.

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4 Responses to Flying

  1. Linnéa Seignér says:

    My name is Linnéa and I live in Sweden. I have been reading your blog about a year and I really love your creations. And I really get inspiered to create myself. (Even though I can’t paint, I love sewing and crochet). Tonight I just saw this post in my RSS-feed and just loved it! Is this something you will put up for sale? Because I would really love to have that birdpainting on my bedroom wall:)

  2. elsa says:

    This bird is so lovely! How wonderful he came alive with your paints!

  3. Tracy Stokes says:

    Really lovely work! Great bird..

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