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special treasures
Special Treasures

* My morning dandelion and chicory root tea with almond/cashew creamer. I also call this my “DandyChick Tea”.  I rarely drink coffee anymore because it makes me so darn jittery. I drink this yummy tea instead.  It has a roasted, nutty, bitter flavor–not too different from coffee, really. You can read about why it is so good for you here.

* New rings that were gifted to me from my sweet hubby last month for our 2oth anniversary. I am now just sharing them, because they needed to be re-sized and I finally just got them back.  Bird ring by Eyvind’s Alchemy and Aquamarine ring by Designs Be Sky Koltun.

sweet rideSweet Ride

* My sweet ride just got a new basket.  Now I can carry my phone, water and snack if I want. It is still dreadfully warm outside. September is the hardest month.  It feels like it should be cooler, but it most definitely is not. It was 99 degrees today (37.2 C) and it gets hot fast. We try to beat it by getting up early, but the sun is relentless. And who can get two boys up, fed and ready earlier than 8am anyway? Not me!

Sacred Space
Sacred Space

* Pixie‘s class, Visual Quest has ended but my journey continues. There are so many things I really loved about the class. The letting go of fear, making a sacred space for yourself, the beautiful cleansing smoke of white sage, collecting feathers and healing stones, embracing the unknown, letting intuition flow and accepting the wisdom of animal spirits. It was a beautifully rich experience and I will carry my new knowledge with me always.

night lights
Night Lights

* I love twinkly lights and have had some hanging in my studio for a while, but never remember to turn them on.  I need to remember this when I am working late at night. They add a certain magic to the room.

* My Sweet little guy reading under his sheet. I had to peek in to get a glimpse of some major cuteness.  I had to seriously resist the urge to smother him with kisses.

I am, as you can see, obsessed with instagram. You can follow me here, if you would like to see my life through the lens of instagram.

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  1. angella says:

    thanks for sharing your glimpses with us. I must try that Chicory drink – I drink way too much coffee and its really not good for me. 🙂

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