Autumn Inspiration Board

autumn inspiration board

My youngest son does this funny thing, where he points at something and without saying anything, tries to communicate his message (sometimes a very frustrating thing for us).  He did this yesterday, coming into my studio and pointing at my summertime inspiration board, as if to say, “hello, it’s not summer anymore”. So, I decided to spend a little time today bringing it into season. Autumn, after all is my favorite time of the year.

Autumn Inspiration Board

The centerpiece, Clarity, was painted by my sweet friend Suzanne. I think it if perfect for me right now, with it’s warm oranges, yellows, bright green and clear message.

I always like to add lots of eye candy and layers of texture to my boards, starting with an idea and color theme in mind.  Working with seasons and holidays is always a fun way to go. Paper cut outs, painted paper leaves, fabric, lace, photos, magazine images and words of wisdom make the first layer. Then, I scavenger my studio for beads, necklaces, colorful yard, ribbons, shells and feathers.  Any pretty treasures that fit the theme gets added and rearranged until I feel inspired and happy by what I see.

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  1. sperlygirl says:

    honored to be a part of your inspiration board…may your word be a gentle reminder for your journey, my sweet friend. xo

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