more holiday art

winter scene by Regina Lord
Winter Scene (art print available in my shop)

More holiday/winter art.   A fun winter scene (I tried to stretch out of my normal color palette on this one) and a bright, joyful bird and wreath.

Joy Christmas wreath with bird by Regina Lord
Joy Holiday Wreath (art print available in my shop)

Now that I have holiday art out of my system, and am back to working on my bird ornaments.

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6 Responses to more holiday art

  1. angella says:

    The winter scene is very pretty. Of course I am crazy about the Joy bird !!! Have a fabulous weekend Regina.

  2. Lynne Rattray says:

    Your work just keeps getting more wonderful, and I didn’t think it was possible as it’s been forever beautiful!
    Hugs from Vancouver Island,

  3. Love the wreath. It´s pretty and truly joyful!

  4. Love, love, love
    Both of these are gorgeous pictures.

  5. katy says:

    wow i am inspired by the stepping out of your color zone…it is so different and wonderful! i get so scared to do this…keep blazing a trail!

  6. Beverley says:

    I am loving the colors you chose for that Winter scene. Gorgeous!

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