New girls

girls by Regina Lord

Another quick post to show the last of my new creations for my show this weekend. I’ll also have other things like cards, prints, blessing banners, calendars and little wood blocks.

girls by Regina Lord

They are painted on wood planks. The tallest is 2 feet by 5.5 inches and the smallest is 12 by 3.5 inches.

girls by Regina Lord

My show is tomorrow, so I am sure to be up late getting everything together, making price tags, signs and carefully wrapping all my pieces. AND it is supposed to rain all weekend in Phoenix. Now, what are the chances of that!  Fortunately, the venue can be indoors if needed. I just hope people want to come out in the rain. Arizonians are not used to that rain stuff!

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3 Responses to New girls

  1. I love your work. I haven’t painted or watched your video tutorials for ages, I don’t know why. Is it okay to copy your pictures until I get inspired myself. I find I get frozen because I can’t think what to paint but if I just copied yours, at least I’d be painting. I just worry it’s wrong to copy.

  2. angella says:

    simply stunning!!!! All the best for the show Regina!!! much love.

  3. Sherry Smyth says:

    Your art is simply beautiful…and sending you all good wishes for your show. I’m sure you’ll do very well!

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