so very thankful!

Free Embroidery Pattern - So Very Thankful Owl by Regina Lordclick >HERE< for pdf download

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

To celebrate, I thought I’d make and share this little embroidery pattern. I had wanted to make this a lot earlier, but you know how that time thing is! The pattern is cute for Thanksgiving (maybe next year?) but I think it would be great for anytime of the year, don’t you?

Givethanks examples

These were made from my free Give Thanks pattern of 2011. The first one made by Delores and the second one made by Dana.  Lovely examples of how you can display your beautiful stitch work.

You’ll need: pre-washed, solid, light-colored fabric, embroidery hoop, needle, floss and either transfer paper or transfer pen or pencil.

To transfer (2 options):
1) Place printed pattern right-side up with fabric on top, trace firmly over design with transfer pen or pencil. May need light source like a light box or window.
2) Lay transfer paper (chalk side down) onto fabric. Place printed pattern right-side-up on top and trace lines with ballpoint pen pressing firmly so that chalk transfers to fabric.

Embroidery: Use half strand of floss (3 strands out of 6) for best results. Use any colors you like, but I can see this in bright oranges, golden yellow, woodsy greens, chocolatey brown and teal for the words. Use the following links for basic stitches (I use the back stitch for most of my embroidery, sometimes with a few fancy stitches thrown in):
Sarah’s Hand Embroidery (see side bar)
Basic Embroidery Stitches
Embroidery Basics (video)

Uses: Maybe for a tote bag, decorative pillow front, wall hanging, dishcloth, quilt square, apron or maybe even a t-shirt. Skies the limit!

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6 Responses to so very thankful!

  1. MelBee says:

    Love the owl…he/she is on my to do list now!! Thanks so much Regina and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.xx

  2. Teresa says:

    Pretty! Thanks!


    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. angella says:

    thank you again for this pattern Regina. I am busy working on mine and almost finished. much love.

  4. That is such a cute pattern. I will have to make that one. The Give Thanks was such a happily received gift. She commented that is was the best present ever!! 🙂

  5. Lynda Warncke says:

    I love all your patterns. I plan to bless others by giving them for gifts. You have truly been blessed with such great talent!

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