desert hike & desert painting

cactus heart

We went on a hike yesterday morning in the Sonoran Desert.  There are cactus hearts everywhere, but this one was almost perfect.

desert pics

The weather was so nice and the scenery gorgeous. We didn’t spot any wildlife, but there were javalina (aka peccary) foot prints everywhere.

Boy with Desert Tortoise - art by Regina Lord

Being out in the desert was just the inspiration I needed for this commission piece. A fun painting with a little boy on a desert tortoise.

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3 Responses to desert hike & desert painting

  1. angella says:

    love your painting – the colours are awesome!!!

  2. Amazing. Love this painting and the turtle is perfection.

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful painting. The more images you post of your part of the world, the more I’m intrigued by the desert. One of these days we’ll vacation there.

    The cactus heart could be a metaphor for so many relationships.

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