La Encantada 2014 recap

La Encantada Fine Art Fair

Had a lovely weekend at the art fair.

La Encantada Fina Art Fair

Because this was a fine art show, we had to have mostly originals and a limited number of prints. I happily sold my beloved Buddha, almost right away. I think I may need to paint a new one since it was one of my favorites. Also, some smaller pieces (the owls and blackbirds), some originals on paper and the 4 smaller girls behind me (must make more of those too). Saturday was nice and busy, but Sunday was super slow for me.  Overall, decent sales, lovely venue and wonderful people.

La Encantada Fine Art Show

The weather was gorgeous, especially if you were fortunate enough to be in the shade, which I was. The sun can be so brutal here in southern AZ. It was in the mid to high 80’s all weekend!

Because of our unseasonably warm temps, the poor trees haven’t had the opportunity to lose all their leaves yet, and now they are growing new buds.  They are so confused!

Very pretty though, especially with the pretty blue backdrop.


Now I need to catch up on emails (ackkk!) and clean up my disaster of a studio. THEN, I will be able to get my head on straight and list some new prints in my shop and maybe even some originals on my website.

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  1. angella says:

    fabulous post Regina. Love the photo of you- you are looking awesome. Art agrees with you :o) . So glad it was a nice weekend. Your stall looked fabulous! Keep up the great work. as I always say – you are such an inspiration! much love

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