Needle Felted Flowers::Part Two

Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

Here is part two of this needle felting flower tutorial. We will be making the flowers below.

Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

You will need to watch part one to see more in depth, how to do the felting, leaves and supplies. I had meant to make it all one big video, but it was taking to long to edit and upload, so I thought 2 parts would work too. This video is just over 10 minutes.


Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

Felting supplies courtesy of Beth from Curly Furr on Etsy

A review of supplies:
* Craft felt in various colors
* wool roving in various colors (I used fancy fiber crumbs and wooly bun crumbs)
* felting needles (I used 36g)
* needle felting foam
* scissors
* sewing needles
* sewing thread
* seed beads
* beading needles


* See notes from part one.

* The holes made by the needle in this flower did look a lot better after resting. They are still visible, but a lot less noticeable, especially after assembling the flower.

* Please come back on SATURDAY for a felted flower giveaway!

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2 Responses to Needle Felted Flowers::Part Two

  1. iHanna says:

    Great tutorials, and wow, your flowers are so beautiful Regina. Love the corsage you made!

  2. Cotton Carlson says:

    These tutorials, part one and part two, are absolutely great. …very clear about the steps
    involved and love the colors you use.
    Please do more and perhaps include an explanation about thinking about bead options and how to add them.
    Thank you so much!

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