colorful felted rocks

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I’ve been wanting to make felted rocks for ages, but never had the supplies or know-how.  With a bit of felt roving at my fingertips, we decided to jump in and finally make some.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I found THIS wonderful tutorial by LilFishStudios and we got started.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

Here are our cute little felt rock bundles.  My I-guy picked ALL of the colors himself. He wanted almost all of them to be “swirly” looking.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

the wet felting is the funnest part. At first the wool feels really loose and squishy.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

Just when you think it will never get tight around the rock, it magically does.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

We had so much fun that we made 13 rocks. We had only planed to make 6 at first, but quickly realized that we needed to make a rainbow of rocks.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

My I-guy had to give them all names so I could make this “chart”. We do this with our gemstones whenever we go to the rock shop so that we won’t forget their names.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I love this little wood bowl of rocks. Next, I want to try to crocheting rocks, like these crochet covered sea stones. It’s on this list along with a million other things!

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5 Responses to colorful felted rocks

  1. KerowynA says:

    I love the rock chart! I think I’ll be trying this project out on my next free weekend. These felting projects that you are posting really make me want to dig out the roving.

    And…Yay! I see my name listed as a winner of your Felted Flowers Giveaway…so exciting!

  2. katherine says:

    What a great idea! Those are so cool! And fun to have around the house!

  3. angella says:

    wonderful and fun! I totally love the names of the rocks – so creative. hope you enjoy crocheting rocks when you get the time :)

  4. These are so cute! Great activity for kids.

  5. Those are great! He did a wonderful job naming them too!

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