journal page – flowers in hair

art journal page by Regina Lord

One thing I love about painting in my journal is that is keeps my creative muscle in practice.  I really think it helps me fine tune my skills, plus I am able to squeeze in some painting time without making too much of an investment on a canvas or board.

art journal page by Regina Lord

I am also really loving layering color pencils onto acrylic paint.  I am able to focus on this effect in my journal before applying it onto a bigger painting.

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4 Responses to journal page – flowers in hair

  1. Amy says:

    Regina, these journal portraits you’ve been working on are beautiful!

  2. Thea Whalley says:

    I really enjoy looking through the pages of your journals. I love seeing each new face and character and feel inspired to start drawing again. I would love to see a photo flip through of one of your completed journals- what do you say…!

  3. ANGELLA says:

    OMG this is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your pages are amazing. Have you thought about preparing a class on painting in an art journal? I would definitely take the class.

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