journal page – Lady Guinevere

art journal page by Regina Lord

first layers of paint…

art journal page by Regina Lord

then more paint and some colored pencils to add highlights and depth.

art journal page by Regina Lord

I also added some gold and pearl Lumiere paint for some lovely sparkles.

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3 Responses to journal page – Lady Guinevere

  1. Sandy says:

    I am really enjoying seeing all of these lovely faces Regina. I’m doing portraits myself at present but not fun ones like yours. I’m on a learning curve so it’s a bit stressful! I love the way you depict so many different women, angels etc. I’ve never done any type of art journalling but am inspired by you and considering trying it out as a way to experiment with painting different facial angles, hair types, working out different ways of depicting age, expressions and the like. I think you capture Frida’s spirit every time you paint her.

  2. It’s lovely to see all the work in your art journal Regina. very pretty!

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