crow pose

crow pose art by Regina Lord
mixed-media on 12 x 12 inch cradled wood panel

I was asked to hang my art at a local yoga studio and have had this idea floating around in my head for a while.  What better time, than the week before hanging, to do several yoga paintings.  I have so many yoga inspired ideas in my head and am hoping to paint a few more before Wednesday (eeeks!).  I actually do some of my best work under crazy time constraints. Procrastination really gets my mind juices flowing and heart pumping.

I have been doing yoga for probably 10+ years, always keeping it pretty easy going and chilled.  Never really challenging myself to do any arm balancing or head/ hand stand type poses.  Last May though, I got it in my head to pick it up a notch and started doing intermediate yoga instead of just beginner classes.  Let me tell you, I really feel a difference  in strength in my core, arms and legs along with better clearness in my mind.  It’s pretty amazing stuff!

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2 Responses to crow pose

  1. Sandy says:

    Wow that is awesome Regina! So creative. Yoga is fantastic isn’t it? I would actually go so far as saying it has been transformative in my life. Look forward to seeing the rest of the yoga series. I’m sure the yoga studio people will love it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Melbee says:

    Love this Regina…..beautiful! I would love this on my wall where I practice my yoga.xx

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