the little dancer

little ballerina dancer art by Regina Lord

When I was little, I so desperately wanted to be a ballerina dancer. I was lucky to get a few years of ballet and tap dancing when I was little, but I had wanted more.

My grandmother had these sheer, pink, frilly curtains in one of her bedrooms and I would imagine taking them off the window so I could wrap them around my waist and twirl, twirl, twirl around in a flowy skirt. I think I was always twirling. In fact, I still like to twirl when I am in the kitchen by myself.

the little ballerina dancer Art by Regina Lord
The Little Dancer
Acrylic on 11×14 canvas

I was hoping to have enough new art to make a 2015 calendar, but many of my painting were done in portrait orientation and I can’t crop them to make them work. I really want to have a proper wall calendar printed this year. A big one, so that you can write in things on the days.

This painting will go into the calendar. Six months are done, only 6 more to go…

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2 Responses to the little dancer

  1. Lakeshia says:

    Hi there, Have you considered doing a detail or collage type layout for the paintings that were done in portrait style? You could also maybe include a quote or something similar to fill the space. Just some thoughts

  2. angella says:

    lovely story Regina and a beautiful painting. I would also have loved to be a dancer!

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